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The Racing Unleashed Leagues

RU Challenge Race 5 2020 Silverstone Impressions 5

The Racer League

The Racer League is the place where the best sim racers compete against each other. In 10 races our racers fight for points, big prizes and, above all, the overall victory at the end of the season.

Get to know the racers of the Racer League here.

RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring P6 Racer League

The Challenger League

The Challenger League is open to anyone who wants to prove their skills in our simulators. A prestigious place in the Racer League awaits the Challenger League champion at the end of the year.

Rules and Regulations

The Mode

The Racer League races in mode 4, without any driving aids and with the full motorsport feeling. The Challengers drive in mode 2 and can still rely on driving aids such as ABS or TCS. Gears are shifted manually in both leagues.

The Locations

The individual Challenges take place at all locations at the same time. The Racers are divided among them.

The Points

The points will be awarded directly after the race and will be visible on the website. Who will grab the 25?

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The Simulators

All simulators are interconnected and meet on the virtual track. So all racers are on the track at the same time!

The Race Control

The race control is centrally located at one site and regulates everything from there. It is the single point of contact for all racers.

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The Stewards

The stewards are at the same location as the Race Control and make sure that everything is done properly.