RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Manuel Wendel Commentator Stream


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Don't miss a Challenge

Already during the Competition 2020, all our challenges were shown online. This year, it will once again be possible to enjoy racing action online via Twitch. You can look forward to it, because we have used the winter break to further develop our streaming offer and make it even more professional than ever before. See for yourself and give us direct feedback. Join in the discussion with our live presenters Manuel Wendel, Jan-Luca Fröhlen and Nico Rindlisbacher and ask your questions. This way you can be right in the middle of the racing action from home!

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Timetable for each Challenge

The individual challenges will be broadcast on the Sunday of each race. However, due to the uncertain situation and a limitation of persons, it is possible that a Challenge may be held over two days. In this case, the broadcast will as well only take place on Sunday for qualifying and races of both leagues. However, any highlights from the previous day can be included in the stream. In order not to miss any of the races, we will publish the official schedule of the upcoming Challenge on the Thursday before the Challenge. If you follow these times, you will be ready for pure racing fun, mediated by our trio of commentators.