RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring P6 Racer League

Driver Registration

You want to join us on a competition weekend? No problem. Here we explain which requirements you have to fulfil to participate and where you can register.

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Participation Requirements & Costs

The Challenger League is open to everyone. You can test your skills on the virtual race track, regardless of how much experience you have gained so far. The only condition is that you have already driven once in our simulators. This is not only more fun, but also gives you the opportunity to get used to the car and the track. Please note that you can only participate in the Racing Lounges Cham, Zurich, Kemptthal, Munich or Madrid!

Your first participation at a Challenge is free of charge. Each additional participation will cost you 50 CHF.

Contact Form

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Competition Weekend

Currently the COVID-19 situation does not allow us to simply race on sunday. Because of the restrictions we organize a pre-qualifying on saturday before the Challenge where the fastest 17 drivers qualify for the race on sunday. If there are no restrictions anymore, we only race on sunday:

The day then begins for you with a driver briefing. There you will be informed about the most important points to be respected during the race day. This is followed by a warm-up, where you have the chance to do some more laps on the track. Finally, the following qualifying session is not only about determining your starting position in the race, but also about securing a place in the race in general. The number of starting places in the race is made up as follows; each racing lounge that is considered to be a venue provides all simulators minus one reserve simulator for the race.

Once you have secured a place in the race, you will be allowed to compete for points and prizes for 30 minutes.

If you want to experience this unique competition feeling, don't hesitate and register for a challenge in the form below. Nico, our competition manager, will get back to you soon.