RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring P6 Racer League

Ready for a Challenge?

You want to join us on a competition weekend? No problem. Here we explain which requirements you have to fulfil to participate and where you can register. If you already know the whole procedure, you will find the registration form at the bottom of the page.

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Participation Requirements

Participation in a Challenge is only possible via the Challenger League. From there, you can work your way up to the Racer League. In order to participate in a Challenge, you have to qualify for it.

There is a qualification phase that starts on the Monday of the week before the Challenge and ends on the Wednesday before the Challenge. If you are among the fastest 20 at the end of the qualification phase, you are qualified for the Challenge. Please note, that the qualification has to be done in Mode 2! On Thursday at 12 noon, the qualified Challengers will be announced. Participating Racing Lounges are Cham, Kemptthal, Munich & Madrid.
The allocation of places will be as follows:

Kemptthal: max. 9 places
Munich: max. 9 places
Madrid: max. 4 places
(Cham: max. 4 places)

New in 2023: The Racing Lounge Zurich will no longer be used for the Challenge, but the Racing Lounge can be used for the qualification. If you qualify in Switzerland - no matter in which lounge - you will complete the race in Kemptthal, or if necessary in Cham.

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Competition Weekend

New in 2023: The Challenge will take place on Friday evening from 19:00 to 21:30.

The day begins for you with a riders' briefing. There you will be informed about the most important points that you have to observe during the race day. This is followed by a gear-up, where you have the opportunity to do a few more laps on the track. The subsequent knock-out session will determine your starting position in the race. Compared to the 2021 competition, there will be no more time trials in 2022. This time the drivers will line up behind the safety car in reverse order of the championship standings and start a short race. After each lap, the last two racers will be knocked out of the session and start in the position they were knocked out.

After the end of the knock-out session, there will be a longer break where the race control can check everything again. In the stream there will be a talk round where general topics or scenes from the knock-out will be discussed.
Afterwards, the actual race will take place, where you can compete for points and prizes for 30 minutes.

Registration and Costs

Register using the form below so that we know whether you are taking part in the Challenge or not. You can then decide for yourself in which lounge you would like to race. Your time will then only be valid in the lounge in which you have raced and not in total! If you qualify successfully, you will have to pay an entry fee. However, the first participation in a Challenge is free of charge. Every further participation costs 50 CHF/Euro.

Registration Form

Once you filled in the form you are ready to go! Good luck for the qualification phase

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