RU 20 Silverstone 0501 web


3rd Challenge - Nürburgring (DE) - 26-06-2020

After a long corona break, the June Challenge was held for the first time on site in our Racing Lounge in Cham. The first two challenges on the tracks of Imola and Barcelona were driven in the form of a Home Challenge.

RU 20 Nurnburgring 0009 web
Drivers briefing
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0064 web
Moderator Manuel Wendel
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0059 web
Tina Hausmann - Challenger
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0076 web
Guest driver Jasin Ferati
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0130 web
Ivan Kaufmann - Racer
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0261 web
Loris Mistretta - Racer
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0409 web
Race Challenger League
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0205 web
Race Racer League
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0622 web
Roger Marte is delighted about P3 in the Racer League
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0754 web
Podium Challenger Leage - Kevin Aebi (3), Julien Apothéloz (2), Toman Jiri (1)
RU 20 Nurnburgring 0845 web
Podium Racer League - Roger Marte (3), Vojtech Polesny (2), Michal Smidl (1)

4th Challenge - Red Bull Ring (AT) - 26-07-2020

The fourth Challenge was run in multi-lounge mode for the first time. Participants fought for podium places and prizes from two locations, the Racing Lounge Zurich and the Racing Lounge Cham.

Tina Hausmann
Tina Hausmann - Challenger
Loris Mistretta 2
Loris Mistretta - Racer
DSC 0029
Kevin Aebi - Challenger
Vojtech und Smidl
Vojtech Polesny (P2) and Michal Smidl (1) - Racer

5th Challenge - Silverstone (GB) - 23-08-2020

The fifth Challenge had another premiere - the newest and so far largest Racing Lounge in Kemptthal was added as the venue for the competition. A total of 19 simulators are now available, and 16 participants (3 simulators in reserve) can now take part in the race.

RU 20 Silverstone 0029 web
Drivers briefing in Kemptthal
RU 20 Silverstone 0164 web
Monisha Kaltenborn (CEO), Andrea Montermini (former F1-driver) und Francisco Fernandez (Founder of Racing Unleashed and Chairman)
RU 20 Silverstone 0370 web
Mike Danner - Racer
RU 20 Silverstone 0414 web
Andrea Montermini in Interview
RU 20 Silverstone 0464 web
Varga Sim Racing Team
RU 20 Silverstone 0438 web
Race Challenger League
RU 20 Silverstone 0501 web
Philipp Baur (P1) Challenger League
RU 20 Silverstone 0611 web
Michal Smidl (P1) Racer League

6th Challenge - Spa Francorchamps (BE) - 27-09-2020

An intensive race day without the Czech dominance: The Czech team Varga Sim Racing could not participate in the September Challenge due to Corona and so many new faces occupied the podium places.

DSC 8048
Agata Jasinska - Challenger
DSC 8045
Lounge staff member Rok with Challenger Sebastian Przydacz
DSC 0395
Spectators in Kemptthal eagerly follow the events on the race track
DSC 8194
Savino Melillo (Challenger) is delighted about P4 in the Challenger League
Dustin Wüest
Dustin Wüest gets P1 in the race of the Racer League
DSC 0570
Angelo Michel (P2, Racer League) in Interview with moderator Manuel Wendel

7th Challenge - Monza (IT) - 18-10-2020

New race day - new faces on the podium: As the Czech Varga Sim Racing Team was missed again due to corona, as well as Dustin Wüest and Mike Danner, who have become part of the Racing Unleashed team and are not allowed to participate in the competition anymore, other participants spotted their chance to step on the podium.

RU 20 Monza 034 web
Experienced Sim racer Adrian Thomi assisted as race steward for the second time
RU 20 Monza 039 web
Highly concentrated challengers during qualifying
RU 20 Monza 058 web
Race control
RU 20 Monza 071 web
Two newcomers discussing tactics
RU 20 Monza 150 web
Winner of the Challenger League Race: Devin Isgro
RU 20 Monza 215 web
First place in the Racer League goes to Dave L'Addomada