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The race report of the first Challenge: Silverstone

18-year-old wins €3,500 - what a start into the season!

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Racer League

In his first race as a Racer League driver, David Cid secured victory in the season opener at Silverstone. The first six drivers crossed the finish line within six seconds of each other.

It could not have been closer! After 20 laps, the top six drivers in the Racer League race at Silverstone cross the finish line within six seconds of each other. Right at the front in the first championship race of the "Racing Unleashed Championship - Beyond the Pinnacle" is David Cid.

The Spaniard has only been part of the series' regular squad since this year. In 2022, the simracer, who pilots one of the high-performance Formula 1 simulators in the Madrid lounge, was still racing in the Challenger class. But even without driving aids, which are deactivated in the Racer League unlike in the Challengers, the 18-year-old manages well.

In addition to scoring the first 25 points of the season, the teenager also dusts off the first €3,500 win bonus of the season. "I can hardly find words. In the race, I was somehow able to withstand the pressure of so many drivers behind me," explains race winner Cid, who was challenged above all by last year's Challenger League champion and Silverstone runner-up Siro Zambra. Together with him, he moved up to the full pro category. Cid: "Siro is a very good rider. He also had more pace in the race than I did. I'm looking forward to our further duels this season."

Starting one place further ahead will be Siro Zambra, who takes 18 points from Silverstone. "That was an incredible race with a difficult start because Sinan (Demirbas, editor's note) pushed me off the track. That's why we collided. But after that I was able to consistently drive my pace," said the 16-year-old, who pocketed a lavish allowance of 2,500 euros. Third place went to Aston Martin eSports driver Alejandro Sanchez.

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Challenger League

The race of the Challenger League pilots already started on Friday evening at prime time, which Janik Pletscher was able to decide in his favor. He scored a dominant victory ahead of Joshua Heyder and Adrian Gomez Alonso. The three pilots won prize money of around 1,500 euros.

What's special about the Challenger League is that anyone can take part. Afterwards, a fast lap can be set in any lounge within the qualification time window. If one is among the fastest 20 drivers, participation is guaranteed and free of charge the first time.

The season continues on May 26/27 at the virtual Red Bull Ring in Austria. Click here to register for the next Challenge: