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The Factory

Our advanced simulator technology is produced and continuously enhanced in our production facility in the famous Italian motorvalley of Maranello. Our experienced engineers, electricians and mechanics work tirelessly to develop and improve the various components and gameplay in order to provide you with the most engaging motorsport experiences.

The Manufacturing Process

The production process of a current model of the simulator takes about one working week. Custom-made products can extend the process. After production, a careful and meticulous testing takes place, which in some cases may take several days. This way we can ensure that our simulators meet the expectations of our customers. Below you will find out which steps the production process involves.

Overview of the Process

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1. Creating Assemblies

Any and all components arriving at our factory require extensive manufacturing steps. The individual parts are installed with the greatest care by our mechanics and electricians, creating components such as the steering wheel and chassis. In preparation for the subsequent assembly process, these parts are then joined together to form larger assemblies.

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2. Assembly Process

In the assembly process, the first step is the assembly of the high-quality carbon chassis and the footplate, which forms the basis of the simulator. The other assemblies, such as the control, motion, and the active belt systems, as well as the seat shell, are then installed in the already prepared frame. Finally, the carefully painted bodywork (also made of carbon) is assembled.

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3. Testing

During testing, the completed simulators are carefully checked in order to ensure that all components work perfectly. Eventually, in combination with the highly sophisticated software, a unique gameplay experience is born. In addition to the high-quality work of our staff, we also consult former F1 racers such as Andrea Montermini.

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