Introducing our new iRacing Season

Finally, Racing Unleashed is coming into peoples homes! From now on, you can not only join the race action by visitting our lounges and driving our simulators, but by simply racing from home on your PC.


Get ready for a new racing experience! Each challenge brings a unique format, requiring drivers to adapt to 10 different race scenarions and a mix of cars, from GTs to Le Mans prototypes (no Formula cars). We're introducing fresh and untested formats that will keep everyone on their toes. All races will be streamed on our platforms.

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League Allocation

The league you're participating in is decided by your iRating:

Challenger League:

2,000 - 5,999

Racer League:

6,000 - 12,000


To join the action, sign up for the event with our partners at Apex Racing League and secure your spot in the main event through a pre-qualification phase. It's completely free to participate!

Prize Money

We believe in honouring your achievements, and to sweeten the deal, every podium finisher will be granted a share of the prize money. Your success is our celebration!

I Racing 2


I Racing

Challenge 1

Challenger League: 10.03.2024

Racer League: 24.03.2024

I Racing 2

Challenge 2

Challenger League: 07.04.2024

Racer League: 21.04.2024

I Racing 3

Challenge 3

Challenger League: 05.05.2024

Racer League: 19.05.2024

I Racing 4

Challenge 4

Challenger League: 02.06.2024

Racer League: 16.06.2024

I Racing 5

Challenge 5

Challenger League: 30.06.2024

Racer League: 14.07.2024

I Racing 6

Challenge 6

Challenger League: 28.07.2024

Racer League: 11.08.2024

I Racing 7

Challenge 7

Challenger League: 25.08.2024

Racer League: 08.09.2024

I Racing 8

Challenge 8

Challenger League: 22.09.2024

Racer League: 06.10.2024

I Racing 9

Challenge 9

Challenger League: 20.10.2024

Racer League: 03.11.2024

I Racing 10

Challenge 10

Challenger League: 17.11.2024

Racer League: 01.12.2024