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Ready for a Challenge?

You want to join us on a competition weekend? No problem. Here we explain which requirements you have to fulfil to participate and where you can register. If you already know the whole procedure, you will find the registration form at the bottom of the page.

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Participation Requirements

Participation in a Challenge is only possible via the Challenger League. From there, you can work your way up to the Racer League. In order to participate in a Challenge, you have to qualify for it.

There is a qualification phase that starts on the Monday of the week before the Challenge and ends on the Friday before the Challenge. If you are among the fastest 20 at the end of the qualification phase, you are qualified for the Challenge. Please note, that the qualification has to be done in Mode 2! The qualified Challengers will be announced on Friday evening. Participating Racing Lounges are Cham, Kemptthal, Munich & Madrid.
The allocation of places will be as follows:

Kemptthal: max. 9 places
Munich: max. 9 places
Madrid: max. 4 places
(Cham: max. 4 places)

Registration and Costs

Register using the form below so that we know that you would like to take part in the challenge. You can then decide for yourself which lounge you would like to compete in (you can choose between Cham, Madrid, Munich & Zurich-Kemptthal). If you successfully qualify, you will have to pay an entry fee. However, the first participation in a challenge is free of charge. Each additional participation costs 50 CHF/Euro. If you have a Gold Membership, all entry fees are cancelled.

To always be up-to-date, please join our Discord server:

Registration Form

Once you filled in the form you are ready to go! Good luck for the qualification phase

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