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The race report of the eighth Challenge

Fabian Vettel and Mr JWW with a guest start in the Challenger League. Alejandro Sanchez wins the race in the Racer League.


Challenger League

Eventful guest start: Fabian Vettel, brother of four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian, celebrated his debut on Saturday. In the Challenger League, the 23-year-old steered one of the high-tech simulators around the virtual track of the Circuit Catalunya in Barcelona.

In the race, it quickly became apparent how strong the top drivers in the Challenger League were. One by one, the competitors, who had done a lot more training kilometres in the preparation, passed them.

He still managed to establish himself in the front midfield before being spun by Tiziano Caponio on lap five. Later in the race, another mishap followed, which finally manoeuvred him out of the points and prize money range. In the end, he only managed 17th place.

At least he was able to keep the other guest starter James Walker, better known as "MRJWW", well behind him. The British auto-vlogger finished 21st.

Siro Zambra won ahead of Michael Frei and Marcos Valverde.

"The pace of the drivers is really incredible. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to train, but I'm really motivated to get close to them. Maybe I will challenge them again this year or next year."

Fabian Vettel

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Racer League

In the Racer League, Alejandro Sanchez celebrated his home victory in Barcelona. The Spaniard easily kept the already crowned 2022 champion Michal Smidl behind him the whole race.

The podium is completed by the German Angelo Michel. The Munich Lounge pilot is in third place in the Championship and heading for his best season in his several years with Racing Unleashed. Michel: "I had a good start and was able to work my way forward. Then I tried to keep up with Michal. But he was too fast. At least I had a good lead towards the back."

On October 22/23, the next race will start on our self-created track at the virtual Zurich airport. You can be there. Come to one of the Racing Unleashed lounges and qualify for a cockpit in the Challenger League with a fast lap.