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The race report of the seventh Challenge

What a day: Super-Smidl celebrates another victory and wins the „Racing Unleashed Championship – Beyond the Pinnacle“ 2022! The Czech and Simracing teammate of Max Verstappen wins ahead of his rival Alejandro Sanchez.

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Racer League

Unstoppable! Michal Smidl wins the Spa Challenge and takes his third title in the "Racing Unleashed Championship - Beyond the Pinnacle". The Czech is already in first place for the fifth time in this year's Championship. "The whole year has been great for me. It was a brilliant season, but there are still three more races to go and I want to be at the front again," explains the new Racer League champion.

After crossing the finish line, uncertainty still hovered in the air on the virtual Spa track of Assetto Corsa. There was contact between race winner Smidl and second-placed Alejandro Sanchez during the race. A penalty for Smidl would have postponed the championship decision. The Czech: "I still had a queasy feeling because I touched Alejandro. But I gave him back the place and left so much space that I couldn't overtake him again directly."

Rounding out the podium was last year's Challenger League champion, Javier Loro, who moved up to the Racer League in 2022.

"Smidl had a strong pace, but he should still get a retrospective penalty for pushing me out. Overall, I'm happy with my own performance".

Alejandro Sanchez

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Challenger League

In the Challenger League, however, the battle is still open. In the class with more driving aids, David Cid took the lead with a win at Spa, now ahead of Sinan Demirbas by twelve points. Cid: "I had a good start and was able to catch Nico Fahland after seven laps."

Fahland, who is racing in the Munich Lounge, is also happy with second place: "I had problems downshifting, but second place is also a good result."

In the end, three drivers from three different Racing Unleashed lounges stood on the podium. The podium was completed by Siro Zambra from the Zurich Lounge: "I'm happy with the race, started from eleven, moved up to three."

The next races of the "Racing Unleashed Championship - Beyond the Pinnacle" are scheduled for September 24th and 25th. Joining them in the Challenger League will be special guests Fabian Vettel and "MrJWW". Register now for the next Challenge and qualify with the fastest lap time.