Simulator 19


The seat shell used in our simulators offers comfort for everyone. And yet, it retains the typical shape of a classic racing seat. The unique ventilation system built into the seat helps you to keep a clear head during the whole race.

A seat that suits everyone

On the racetrack, immense g-forces can act on the driver. During a strong braking action, for example, these can be up to 5g. For this reason, a suitable driver's seat is essential, because only small pressure points can cause injuries such as bruises if the g-forces are repeatedly exerted. While in real racing, the seat shell is precisely adapted to the pilot's body, we use a seat developed with the latest technologies that fits not just one person, but everyone.

RU 2020 Challenge Nürburgring

Whether in a tuxedo or a tracksuit

After years of development, the seat shell used in our simulators simulates the seating position of a Formula 1 driver almost perfectly - with the seat low and arms and legs in a raised position. It is made entirely of carbon fibre and its smooth surface prevents any friction on clothing. So, whether you enter our simulators in a suit, dress or jogging pants is up to you.

RU Cham Simulator Seat Shell

From rest comes strength

A unique component of our simulators is the ventilation system built into the seat shell. The tension and adrenaline that flashes through the body can cause increased sweating. This is where our ventilation system helps you. It allows you to keep a cool head during the entire race and during intensive duels.