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You are new to the world of esports and you want to experience pure racing? Racing Unleashed makes it possible with its own high-quality simulators and its two own esports leagues. But what is the difference between the two leagues and who can participate?

Challenger League vs. Racer League

Anyone should be given a chance to show their racing skills. This is the motto pursued by Racing Unleashed. If you are thrilled of the adrenaline and you want to compete against other people, you will find some information below, which will help you to get some orientation.

1. You need an account to sign up for the Challenger League.

Register on our app or our website to gain access to our member platform. This login is required because you will only be able to participate in a race with a valid account. Approximately two weeks before a race you will be able to register directly for a place in one of our racing lounges through our member platform. So get in touch with one of our Racing Lounges to get your seat there!

2. First master the Challenger League, then step into the Racer League.

No one can get straight into formula 1 which is why, you will have to beat the challengers first, before being able to step into the Racer League. The two drivers with the most points at the end of the season qualify for the Racer League. In our first seasons we are more flexible in that term – use the chance to move up quickly!

3. The Car Setup

Both leagues are different regarding the car setup. In the Challenger League we use mode 2, which means, that you are driving with traction control and ABS. In the Racer League we use mode 4 without any driving assistance. In both leagues you shift manually using the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

4. Schedule of a Competition

When it is finally race day, you can enter the racing lounge you have signed up for. You can expect an eventful day with drivers briefing, free practice, qualifying and the final race. Between the sessions you can watch the professionals of the Racer League competing against each other on the same track or you can enjoy the food of our catering service. The whole package is available for 50 CHF.

5. The Season

If you want to participate for the whole season in the Challenger League, you must enroll for every event individually. So, you can either drive one race or the whole season. If you are a driver of the Racer League, you have to participate in every race as you are under contract with Racing Unleashed.

6. Price Money

Price money can be earned in both leagues per race but also according to the overall standings. If you should win every race in the Challenger League, you can earn 3’000 CHF. If that should be the case in Racer League, then you can take 25’000 CHF with you. So, it is worth to move up. Points and price money are given up to 10th place – so, not only the fastest is able to win something. This year there is slightly less price money in both leagues, as the first race got cancelled without substitution, due to the coronavirus.

7. Experience

In the Racer League there is a competition between the best of the best. In the Challenger League the skill level can vary. If you enjoy racing give it a try! Nevertheless it is highly recommended that you have already been practicing in advance in one of our simulators. Because during a race day, there is not enough time to learn the track and the car behavior. If there are more people enrolled than cars authorized for the race, there will be an extra qualifying to determine our final race participants.

8. More Questions & Feedback

We are still at the beginning of our journey with the launch of the two leagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for your indulgence if something does not work perfectly. We are still gaining experience to internalize and optimize all the processes. If there are still questions from your side, please do not hesitate to contact us under We will be pleased to help you.