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The season finale is coming!

The big finale is just around the corner and no champion has yet been crowned in either league. The racers are additionally challenged by an (as yet) unknown track and little training time. Find out what awaits you as a spectator and how the rest of the week will unfold here.

RU 21 Monza 097 web

The initial situation

Before the last race on 12 December, no championship has been decided mathematically, but there are two clear favourites.

In the Challenger League, Javier Loro leads with 24 points ahead of his compatriot David Cid and can make everything clear on Sunday with a 10th place. Should he not finish in the points, Cid will still have to win the race to decide the championship in his favour. Third-placed Valverde will need less help from others. He has to make up 13 points in order to finish in second place. Should Valverde win the race, Cid may finish no higher than 4th.

In the Racer League, a Spaniard also holds all the aces. Alejandro Sanchez leads with 23 points ahead of defending champion Smidl. If Smidl does not win the race, the championship is decided. If Smidl finishes first, then a 9th place is enough for Sanchez to take the overall victory and with it 5,000 Swiss francs. Much more exciting for spectators will proabably be the fight for 3rd place.

Polesny, Dedic and Holstein are separated by just 7 points. Coque Lopez is also still in the race, 11 points behind 3rd place. Who will take the last place on the podium? The answer will be live on Twitch on 12 December.

On Wednesday 8 December the last circuit will be published!

Last track

Preparation in a different way

For the season finale, we at Racing Unleashed have come up with something special. Anyone who has looked at the race calendar has seen a big question mark at the last race. The course on which the race will be held is not known to the racers until shortly before the Challenge. This will change on 8 December at midday. The course will be published via live stream in the Racing Lounge Zurich. From then on (1 p.m.), all participants will have a maximum training time of two hours. So the question will be who can make the best use of the available training time in order to be at the front of the pack. Will someone new take a podiumstep at the last Challenge or will the usual suspects prove themselves? The answer to all questions can be found on our Twitch Channel. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any more action.

Sign up and Pre-Qualifikation

Anyone who would like to try out our simulators and step into the limelight at the end of the season can still register for the Challenge until Wednesday 8 December. On Saturday, the Challengers will race in the usual pre-qualifying session, where the fastest racers will qualify for the race on Sunday. Take your chance and register at the link below.