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What an exciting day and another milestone in the history of Racing Unleashed! Today we release a new car which will also be driven in this years' Competition.

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I am speed!

Here it is, the new Competition car called RU 21. Based on the F1 car from 2020, you can expect more corner speed and as a result also faster lap times than with our previous Competition car. This is pure driving pleasure for everyone.

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New car, new design

We followed the same principles as with our previous design on the SF70H. While the basic colour is on every car the same with the typical Racing Unleashed blue, the second colour matches the one from the simulators in our Lounges. The halo matches the emblem colour from the individual Racing Lounge location. Now we extended the visibility by adding numbers on the individual cars. As a result spectators will have a better understanding of where their favourite driver on the track is.

Screenshot 136

No halo in our Racing Lounges

Even though the new model is equipped with a halo, we won't have them physically on our simulators. Therefore you don't have to worry about a restricted view while driving. If you feel like giving it a try then stay tuned for the reopening or sign up already for the Competition 2021!