Racing Unleashed Cham 1

Cancellation of the first Challenge

After we had to postpone the start of the season last year, this will be the case again this year. Unfortunately, the first race of the Competition 2021 on the GP circuit of the Nürburgring is canceled.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Race Stewards

Uncertain situation

It is not yet clear when we may reopen our Racing Lounges. The earliest possible date would be March 22. However, this depends on the decision of the Federal Council. But even if we are allowed to re-open on the 22nd, there would only be one week left until the first race. This is not only problematic from an organizational point of view. We also think that this period is too short for our racers to get used to a new vehicle and other changes. That is why we have decided to cancel the first Challenge.

X Farbe Zandvoort

What happens next?

Of course we hope that this will be the only race we have to cancel. An alternative date for the first Challenge is not planned. This means that the season will now start at the second Challenge on April 25. So we will start the season where it ended last year, in Zandvoort. Register now and be there when we start the 2021 competition together!