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The race report of the ninth Challenge

Racing Unleashed's self-created race track at the virtual Zurich Airport offers exciting racing action. In the end, the champion Michal Smidl wins the race.

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Racer League

Racer League champion Michal Smidl also wins the penultimate championship race at the virtual Zurich Airport. The course, which we designed ourselves, provided for thrilling duels.

However, the Czech himself did not believe in winning the race today at first. In the qualifying, which starts in the reverse order of the Championship, the chase for the front was slow. In the main race, however, things got better and he made some tricky overtaking manoeuvres. In addition, incidents involving other drivers pushed him further up the field.

Finally, on the last lap, Marc Gassner and Alejandro Sanchez, who were fighting for victory, collided in front of him. While the German was passed through, Sanchez later lost the provisional victory at the green table. Smidl: "The track has a good design and is fun for us drivers."

Second place went to last year's Challenger League champion Javier Loro. The Spaniard, who pilots one of the Madrid Lounge's high-tech simulators, managed to stay away from incidents. "I had a very good race and I am grateful for the good result."

"Michael Schumacher once said: 'If there is even a hint of a chance, don't give up'. I have kept to that"

Michal Smidl

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Challenger League

While Smidl already has his title in the bag, a thrilling battle for the Championship awaits him in the Challenge League at the season finale.

With 129 points, David Cid is one point ahead of Siro Zambra. With Sinan Demirbas (106), a third pilot still has a mathematical chance of taking first place. The Challenger race in Zurich was won by Joshua Heyder ahead of Cid and Zambra.

The last races of the season will be held on November 12 and 13 on the virtual Imola circuit. In addition, we will hold a special race on December 11 with the best from Challenger and Racer League, the Battle of Glory. Don't miss it!