Monza Curva del Serragilo

Race Report Monza - From 5th to 1st place in two corners!

Michal Smidl dominates the competitors in the Monza race of the Racer League. Double podium for Munich Racing Lounge. A Spaniard wins the race in the Challenger League.


Smidl strikes again

He came, he saw and he overtook! Michal Smidl wins the third championship race of the Racer League. For him it is the second victory in the third race. Starting from fifth place, it only took him two corners to take the lead after a lightning start. After that, nobody could stop the Czech simracing star.

The weekend started off difficultly for the Racing Unleashed champion of 2019 and 2020. The reason: We don't run a conventional qualifying, but instead an elimination race in the reverse order of the championship. This meant that Smidl had to start from place 21. But he didn't stay there for long. Collisions at the front and overtaking manoeuvres eventually brought him to fifth place.

"The format with the knock-out qualifying is not my favourite, but nothing can stop me," Smidl says confidently.

Smidl is now 29 points ahead of Monza runner-up Enrique Mara├▒on. Vojtech Polesny completes the podium. The Munich Lounge celebrates the first double podium this season with the performances of Smidl and Polesny.

"I got away very well and was very fast at the front. Then I was pushed away, but I was able to maintain the lead."

Michal Smidl

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Challenger League

In the Challenger League, David Cid has moved up from last to third place. Even a 5-point penalty before the race could not change that. After a very good start, the reigning runner-up worked his way directly into the top 3. A few laps later, Cid was already dictating the pace at the front and took the win. "It was extremely stressful, but I am happy that I have won now," he explained after the numerous overtaking manoeuvres.

The battle for second place was much closer. In the end, Lorenzo Heyder was able to keep Tiziano Caponio behind him. "I am still stunned. It was a great race for me. Tiziano and I had a tough but fair duel." Valverde eventually took 3rd place in Monza after Tiziano Caponio slipped to 4th due to a penalty.

In the championship, Cid extends his lead. After three of ten rounds, he leads by 28 points over his Spanish compatriot Marcos Valverde. So we can look forward to further duels.

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