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The race report of the 10th Challenge: Imola

Siro Zambra secures the Challenger League title in the final championship race. Enrique Maranon wins the Racer League race.

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Challenger League

Champion! Siro Zambra wins the season finale on the virtual circuit of Imola and thus secures the title in the Challenger League of the Racing Unleashed Championship.

The starting position could not have been more exciting: David Cid started the race with a one-point lead over Siro Zambra. In qualifying, Zambra eventually placed better than the Spaniard and took an unchallenged victory after strong duels.

"It was a really good race for me. I'm overjoyed to be champion now," the Swiss is pleased to say.

With his promotion to Racing Unleashed's premier class, new challenges await Zambra. That's because in the Racer League any driving aids, such as traction control and ABS, are deactivated.

"I try to make the best out of every situation and hope for good results in the Racer League next year."

Siro Zambra

Smidl smiles

Racer League

The Czech eSports star Michal Smidl, who already clinched the title three races ago, has long been used to this. For Max Verstappen's simracing teammate, it was enough for second place in the season finale. "The start was pretty hectic. In the end I was happy with second place," analyzes Smidl, who also has praise for the winner. "Enrique deserved the victory today, he was very fast."

The victory went to the Spanish lounge of Madrid, Enrique Maranon did not give the pilot from Simracing Team Redline a chance. Last year's champion Alejandro Sanchez completed the podium. Maranon: "I trained a lot for Imola. When I took the lead after four laps, I knew that I could now drive. But it wasn't easy because Michal was consistently fast and put me under pressure."

Things will get really exciting once again at the Battle for Glory on December 11. The championship best from Challenger and Racer League will take part in the special race and fight for a prize money of 25,000 Swiss francs (approx. 25,000 euros). The special feature: The track is not yet known. Therefore, no long practice times are possible for the pilots. Be there and don't miss this big event!

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Top 3 Racers and Challengers 2022

Top 3 Racer League after 10 of 10 races

1st Michal Smidl - 213 points

2nd Alejandro Sanchez - 113 points

3rd Enrique Maranon - 96 points

Top 3 Challenger League after 10 of 10 races

1st Siro Zambra - 153 points

2nd David Cid - 137 points

3rd Sinan Demirbas - 118 points