Racing Unleashed Cham 8


The conditions were perfect for the first Racing Unleashed Challenge of 2020. In the Racing Lounge in Cham the Challenger as well as the Racer League started to distribute the first couple of points of the season. Many spectators, both on site and in the live stream, created a great atmosphere and made this event a complete success.

RU Challenge Race 1 "Parc Ferme"

Here we go!

21 june 2020, the longest day of the year was very entertaining. After the arrival of the drivers at 9 am, the briefing started immediately. The race director instructed the drivers on how they should behave on the racetrack. Shortly after the first training sessions took place. The Challenger League and the Racer League have to do their rounds on the demanding circuit of the Nürburgring. At this first showdown, favorites were already emerging in both leagues.

Toman Jiri Varga Racing

Head to head race

In the role of the favorite in the Challenger League was the Czech Jiri Toman from the Varga Racing team. Although he contested his first race in the Racing Unleashed competition, he already showed a top performance in training that no one could match. With a time of 1: 29.3 in qualifying, he lived up to his role as favorite and distanced himself from second-placed Phillip Baur by almost a second. Just behind the Swiss Julien Apotheloz secured 3rd place ahead of Savino Melillo who completed the second row.

Podium Challenger Race 1 2020

Hard but fair!

It got really hot in the race. Julien Apotheloz overtook Phillip Baur in the first corner and was able to pull away immediately. Baur himself turned after a contact in the next corner and then had to fight his way forward again. A thrilling duel followed between Kevin Aebi, who was in third place, and Phillip Baur. The audience experienced pure entertainment, under the motto “hard but fair”. Kevin Aebi kept the better end to himself, which allowed him to clinch his first podium. The winner was Jiri Toman, who achieved a confident start-finish victory. Julien Apotheloz finished second.

Michal Smidl Varga Sim Racing

The Favorite Michal Smidl

In the Racer League, a driver from Varga Racing was also the favorite. Michal Smidl took pole position with a time of 1: 29.1. Compatriot Vojtech Polesny started in second place. On the second row of the grid, Roger Marte and Tomas Dolezel were 4th.

The racers didn't give anything in the race. Turners and several contacts, as well as hard fights at the limit, ensured an entertaining race. However, the podium was occupied from the start. Michal Smidl took the win by 14 seconds ahead of Vojtech Polesny. As in qualifying, Roger Marte came third.

The subsequent award ceremony sealed a successful first race day. We are already looking forward to the next race in a month at the Red Bull Ring!

RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring Drivers Impressions 4
RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring Drivers Impressions 3
RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring Drivers Impressions 2
RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring P5 Racer League getting ready

Ranking Racer League

First name, last name and Total time of the 3rd Racer League 2020

1. Michal Smidl | 29:58.281

2. Vojtech Polesny | 30:12.820

3. Roger Marte | 30:29.520

4. Loris Mistretta | 30:48.849

5. Tomas Dolezel | 30:49.654

6. Besnik Murtezi | 31:00.071

7. Kevin Hablützel | 31:00.634

8. Dustin Wüest | 31:00.968

9. Thomas Schmid | 31:33.838

10. David L Addomada | 30:00.467

Ranking Challenger League

First name, last name and Total time of the 3rd Challenger League 2020

1. Jiri Toman | 30:06.740

2. Julien Apothéloz | 30:33.470

3. Kevin Aebi | 30.56.738

4. Philipp Baur | 30:59.297

5. Devin Isgro | 31:30.397

6. Tytus Lytinski | 30:15.210

7. Savino Melillo | 30:15.931

8. Stefan Varga | 30:25.913

9. Fabian Zehnder | 30:41.530

10. Levin Blaser | 31:15.434

RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring Drivers Impressions 2

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