Racing Unleashed Cham 14

All eyes on Ivan Kaufmann

Ivan Kaufmann is participant of the Racer League of Racing Unleashed. He is one of the newcomers this year but showed already strong performances. Read more about his personality in the following article.

RU Kaufmann Ivan

Portrait series of our Racers

Two drivers have already been introduced. Now follows the next one in person of Ivan Kaufmann. We wanted to know from Ivan how he became aware of Racing Unleashed.

RU 20 Nürburgring Ivan Kaufmann 2

Gaining ground

The rise of 20-year-old Ivan Kaufmann is rapid. Half a year ago he did not know about the existence of Racing Unleashed and last Sunday he already became 5th in our professional league and achieved his best result of the season so far. The shape curve points steeply upwards and yet Ivan remains calm as usual.

Ivan Kaufmann lives in Beromünster in the canton of Lucerne and works as an operational maintenance specialist. He does a lot with friends and occasionally goes karting. In addition, he found his passion for sim racing.

«I practice 3 to 4 times a week if possible. On workdays I drive usually an hour and on weekends mostly up to three hours. "

Ivan Kaufmann, Racer League

Simulator Steeringwheel

Fast and ambitious

At the age of 12, Ivan discovered his passion for racing simulation. He started with the Formula 1 game for Playstation and bought the latest version of it every following year. Less than half a year ago he became aware of Racing Unleashed. He made a test drive and was immediately impressed. With the purchase of the annual subscription, Ivan's ambition was finally aroused. He immediately started practicing for the challenge and showed more and more that we should count him in for the future.

RU 20 Nürburgring Ivan Kaufmann

After the race is before the race

For that an intense preparation is necessary. As soon as a challenge is over, Ivan focuses on the next challenge. He then starts to practice only on the respective circuit in order to get an ideal feeling for the car and the track. The final fine-tuning is then carried out on the Friday and Saturday before the respective challenge. So far, he's been very happy with the simulators.

«The technology of the simulators is fascinating. You can feel every irregularity of the track. "

"Never on the same level"

Nevertheless, Ivan does not believe that virtual motorsport will ever have the same status as real racing. He sees the fans' interest too much on the side of real racing.

For the future, he would like to see the damage model included in the Racing Unleashed competition. Ivan also sees opportunities in terms of tyre wear to make the races even more exciting. Either way, we can be curious about the future performances of him and wish a lot of success.