The race report of the first Challenge

As in last year's season opener, Spain is celebrating twice. But if you're betting on last year's championship winner - Alejandro Sanchez - in the Racer League, you're wrong. This is the race report on an extremely entertaining weekend.

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The first winner of this season

Many duels, overtaking maneuvers and friction ensured action-packed races on both Saturday and Sunday. The pilots of the Racer and Challenger League fought for the first points of the season on the Red Bull Ring. Most successful in the Challenger League was David Cid. The runner-up from last year started the race from position 6 and showed a flawless performance. He scored 25 points and 500 Swiss francs in prize money.


Fit & Fast shows its first effects

The other podium places were also occupied by winners, namely the winners of our "Fit & Fast with Ralf Moeller Challenge". Siro Zambra on rank 2 and Thomas Herzog on rank 3 showed very strong performances and both stood on the Challenger League podium for the first time. For the next race in three weeks we can be curious if they have to continue this strong performance, because both of them have to start from almost the very back due to the new format of the Knock-Out Qualifying. Tanja unfortunately could not qualify for the race and Tabea postponed her first race participation to another challenge.

"A very good start to the new season."

- Javier Loro

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Victory after victory

Javier Loro is also unstoppable in the Racer League. The Spaniard wins the opening round of the "Championship 2022 - Beyond the Pinnacle" and thus secures a record prize money of 3,500 Swiss francs for the day's victory. The winner of last year's Challenger League showed his skills in duels with, among others, newcomer and sim racing pro Marc Gassner, who started from pole position. After the overtaking maneuver, Loro drove towards an unchallenged victory at the front and thus stands at the top of the standings as he did all last year. Behind him, Angelo Michel from Bavaria drove to position 2 and thus took a podium place in the Racer League for the first time.

Joy of short duration

Alejandro Sanchez experienced ups and downs on this day. The defending champion started the race from 20th position and benefited from collisions of his opponents in the first corners. After that, he showed once again why he was last year's champion, as his recovery brought him up to 3rd place. But the joy was short-lived, as he received a penalty due to collisions and dropped back to 6th place.

The beneficiary of this was Smidl, who thus secured 3rd place. Just off the podium were Christoph Holstein and Loris Mistretta in 4th and 5th place.

The race continues in three weeks at the Nürburgring. Excitement is definitely on the cards.