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Challenge of the 18th of October

Monza will be our next destination in the 7th Challenge of the Competition 2020. Get ready for a lot of action on a beautiful track. Long straights and heavy braking zones promise good fights. Follow us on-site or online. Find more detailed information in the following article.

X Farbe Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Fully packed

Almost 40 drivers spread across two leagues will be entering the upcoming Challenge this sunday. 30 of them are participants in the Challenger League. As a result it will be very tough to qualify for the race, as only half of the field can enter the race. A good exit out of corners is the key to be fast as there are long straights after. Who has got what it takes to be the fastest on track?

Michi Hoyer

Lots of changes

The fight for the championship in our Racer League was relaunched after the drivers from Varga Racing had to stay at home due to the Corona regulations. They will be missing again this time. Not only them but also the winner of last race Dustin Wüest is not going to drive on sunday. That means, we are going to celebrate a new winner again. Could it be Ivan Kaufmann who became second last time? Or will our new racer take the victory? Michi Hoyer from Germany is the GTO and rFactor2 GT- Challenge Champion of this year and definitely ready to fight for the win. Excitement and action will be guaranteed!

Where to watch?

Whether you want to join us on-site or online, we offer you the best experience possible. Feel the adrenaline of the competition, enjoy our food and drinks and talk to the drivers on-site or simply watch it from home through our live stream. Manuel Wendel, Jan-Luca Fröhlen and Nico Rindlisbacher will guide you through the day and answer your questions. Either watch it on youtube, twitch or facebook.

Streamed on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook

Picture Corona free

Masks are mandatory!

The COVID19 situation gets more serious day by day. We follow the governments instructions which means, that wearing a mask is mandatory. Whenever you are inside the building please wear a mask. Racers can take of the mask only when they are driving. Also we have to register everyone who enters the Racing Lounge. Please apply to the hygienic rules in order to maintain safety for everyone.

Official Timetable Monza