RU 2020 Challenge Silverstone

All eyes on Mike Danner

He is calm and reserved, but always shows his ambition and passion for our competition. Mike Danner, the man with the Alfa Romeo shirt answers questions about his personality and the sport. What does the life of one of our twins look like?

RU Danner Mike

Loyal driver

The 29-year-old Mike Danner comes from Buochs in the canton of Nidwalden and has been a customer of ours from the very beginning. At that time when we were still called Formula V, Mike found out about our competition via the social media and immediately signed up for it with his twin brother Simon. Normally he works as an aircraft mechanic at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in Stans. In his free time Mike likes to hike as a balance to everyday life. This summer he has found his passion for motorcycling as well.

Danner Brothers in an Interview

The racing twins

The brother is almost like a team mate in motorsport. You are very close and yet this is the first person you want to beat on track. This is no different with the twins Mike and Simon. But Mike doesn't see rivalry behind it, but the possibility to push each other and become faster together. As it seems, they are not only next to but also on the track twins. They each drive more or less identical lap times.

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Thoroughly a racing driver

Until a few years ago Mike didn't really know the term Sim-Racing. He played Gran Turismo or the F1 game from Codemasters, but he discovered the fun of it through a colleague who showed him how to become even faster. He developed a passion for it, so he bought a Play seat and the appropriate equipment. But the virtual pleasure should not remain the highlight of his racing experience.

In the simulator I always drove with the thaught of making it into a real formula car on a real race track.

- Mike Danner

Mike Danner in a Formula Renault

Said it, done it

Since a few years Mike and his brother have been going to the Pannoniaring in Hungary to participate in track days and time attack competitions. By means of driver coachings he learned the necessary tricks to become faster in a formula car. He is therefore one of the few drivers in our field who has real racing experience in addition to the simulator. Nevertheless, he can practice much more often in the simulator than in a real car. About 8 hours per week he sits in our simulators and practices. Since he works during the week, there is almost only time for training on the weekends.

The race preperation

Mike is particularly meticulous when preparing for a race. Various parameters are focused on and tried out. Thus he focuses on the braking points one time and on the turning points another time. Different lines are tried out, cornering speeds are looked at and much more. Shortly before a race, he finally goes through some scenarios that may happen at the start or during the race and tries to prepare himself for it accordingly.

One of my strengths is the race pace. My lap times are relatively consistent and fast during the race.

- Mike Danner

RU 2020 Challenge Silverstone

Our simulators

Mike appreciates the closeness to reality of the Racing Unleashed simulators. He sees the whole driving dynamics on a very high level and obviously enjoys driving our simulators.

RU 2020 Challenge Silverstone 2

The technology

In general he is very satisfied. If Mike could change anything, it would be the reliability he wants to optimize. In virtual as well as in real motor sport it can happen from time to time that technical defects occur and these must be prevented.