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All eyes on Loris Mistretta

Loris Mistretta is participant of the Racer League of Racing Unleashed. Since this year he is part of our Competition and convinced everyone right from the beginning of his sim racing skills. Get to know more about his performances and character in the following article.

RU Mistretta Loris

A great mixture

What could be better than mixing Italian temperament with Swiss calm. Loris Mistretta is the perfect example for that and proves that this combination has what it takes. The 19 years old, living in Pfäffikon (canton of Schwyz), is originally from the south of Italy. Currently he does an apprenticeship as a logistics specialist. With constant great performances he convinced us from the beginning of the year, especially as he had never done sim racing before.

“Before I joined the Racing Unleashed community, I had nothing to do with sim racing.”

- Loris Mistretta

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"Thank you, brother"

The one to “blame” for that lucky coincidence is his brother. After the reopening of Racing Unleashed in January, he encouraged Loris to accompany him for a ride in the Racing Lounge Cham. He was immediately thrilled and bought a one-year membership. These days he practices up to 4 hours a day but only on weekends. If there is a Challenge upcoming, he intensifies his practice massively, focussing only on the racetrack that will be driven. Real motorsport experience is almost non-existent for him except for karting.

“Maybe I will get the possibility through Racing Unleashed?”

- Loris Mistretta

The problem of Formula 1

The interest in racing is there. Since he was a child, he is a big fan of Formula 1. He still watches every race. He even experienced the race in Monza onsite. However, he has a critical view, regarding the development of Formula 1. His personal interest slowly disappears as Mercedes is too dominant.

RU Challenge Race 4 2020 Red Bull Ring Loris Mistretta Racer League

What he likes about our simulators

Loris is also very active next to sim racing. To stay fit, he works out 4 times per week at the gym. In the past he played football for eleven years. But now our simulators are a big priority to him. The excitement about our product is still there. The proximity to the reality mediated through the whole monocoque makes him feel like he is driving a real formula 1 car.

Personal wish

He does not have to criticise anything about the car but the regulations of the Racer League. He wishes for damage during races to prevent other racers from trying imprudent manoeuvres.

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Previous Performances

So far Loris achieved the points in all four races of the season. Last race he became fourth for the second time this season, missing the podium again. The good performances were achieved as he is very strong and consistent during a race. There he feels much more confident as in one lap of qualifying. It will be exciting to see if he will be able to make the step on the podium in the remaining races. He would very much deserve it.