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Racing Unleashed is a versatile and flexible company that takes the ideas of our business partners to heart. We always strive to provide the best possible output in line with their wishes. As a third party we have also been able to realise interesting and extraordinary projects. Find some impressions on this page.

Zagato Sim

RU supported TCCT to make classic cars go eSports

In our fast-moving world, The Classic Car Trust is fully dedicated to the preservation of classic cars and the unique sensation when driving them. Hence, Racing Unleashed has, in cooperation with the Italian design smiths of luxury car bodies Pininfarina and Zagato, developed simulators in a classic car style. The simulators and the invested years of research and development will immediately take you back to the days of rock'n'roll and petticoats.

The high-tech simulators – available in two different versions - not only appear in the iconic shape of the cars from the 50s and 60s, the motion system, the manual gearbox with the true-to-life gear stick, and the original wooden steering wheel let you develop a driving experience that couldn't be more realistic.

Members of the TCCT's eClassic Racing Club can enjoy coaching programs and training sessions on legendary race tracks as of 2021.

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Classic Sim
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ACS Challenge

Together with our Official Partner Automobil Club Schweiz (ACS) the ACS Challenge was created. The aim of this Challenge is to create a competition-oriented environment for people who have no experience in the eSports sector but would like to try it. On several days, the Racing Lounge in Kemptthal was the venue for the competition to fight for the best lap times and finally qualify for the final race. With a dynamic ideal line, driving aids and automatic gear shifting, the driver can concentrate fully on driving. The winner of the grand finale 2020 got a hefty CHF 2,000 in prize money. You can find more information by clicking on the button.

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