RU 20 Silverstone The Winner

Smidl gets the Hattrick

He is the Lewis Hamilton of Racing Unleashed: third championship race, third victory for Michal Smidl!

RU 20 Silverstone Winners

A small Lead

While running on the virtual racetrack in Silverstone, the Czech drove the simulated Ferrari SF70H with a lap time of 1:29.025 minutes on pole position, then he dominated the race from start to finish. After all, his gap was no longer that big. In qualifying, Smidl was only three tenths of a second faster than Jiri Toman (Czech Republic). In the race he was around seven seconds ahead of the rest of the field after 18 laps.

RU Toman Jiri

Toman vs. Polesny

Toman stepped up from the Challenger League to the Racer League two races ago and secured the second place in the race after he was chased over the entire distance by Vojtech Polesny - but was always able to keep his compatriot behind him.

In the overall ranking, Smidl (75 points), who can look forward to the prize money of 3,000 Swiss francs, is clearly ahead of Polesny (Czech Republic / 51 points) and Dustin Wüest (Switzerland / 31 points).

RU Hausmann Tina

A woman on the podium

Our racers of the Challenger League benefit from driving assistance (e.g. ABS and traction control), where the previous championship leader Devin Isgro (Switzerland) was eliminated during the race while in the lead due to a technical defect.

The winner was therefore the German Philipp Baur. He can not only look forward to the prize money of 300 Swiss francs, but also takes the top spot in the overall standings with 45 points, followed by Kevin Aebi (42) and Devin Isgro (35).

The star of the race was once again Tina Hausmann. The Swiss is the only female sim racer and took her first podium as second. In the run-up, Hausmann had trained a lot in the Racing Unleashed simulator. It paid off: from fourth place on the grid, she moved up one place right at the start, after which she fought off all the attacks of the competitors and slipped up one position when the simulator of Devin Isgro failed.

"I'm very happy with the second place. I hope that I can keep improving for the next race."

Tina Hausmann, Racer, Challenger League


For the first time, the competition was held in three lounges simultaneously. In addition to Zurich and Cham, the (so far largest) lounge in Kemptthal was also used. This was the first time that 16 drivers were able to race against each other in the final. In the Racer League, 15 racers took part, in the Challenger League almost 30 sim racers tried their best.

1 Event, 3 Racing Lounges

Racing Unleashed Cham

Racing Lounge Cham

The Valley Gateway

Racing Lounge Kemptthal

Racing Lounge Zurich

Racing Lounge Zurich

Porträt Francisco Fernandez

What the founder of Racing Unleashed says

Francisco Fernandez, the founder of Racing Unleashed, also visited Kemptthal and Zurich. His conclusion: “It was a very exciting event and I am very happy with the development of Racing Unleashed. I hope we can continue like that. "

The next event will take place on 27. September 2020. The race will take place on the virtual circuit of Spa-Francorchamps.