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The Championship 2022 - Beyond the Pinnacle goes into the second round!

On March 25 and 26 the engines of our racing cars will sound at the Nürburgring. Once again, we will be streaming in two languages on Youtube and Twitch. Find out everything you need to know about the second Challenge at the Nürburgring here!


The initial situation

After the first duels took place at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, it's now time for Germany. The Nürburgring with its 5.1 kilometres is known for top performances by human and machine and requires a lot from the drivers: Those who don't know the perfect line quickly find themselves in one of the many crash compilations on Youtube. At least in the real world.

Will David Cid be able to build on his success from the last race in the Challenger League? The new knock-out format will make for great suspense: Cid will start from last place in qualifying - and must make up two places in the first three laps if he doesn't want to have the last starting place in the race. Also starting from far back, at least at the knock-out, are Siro Zambra as well as Thomas Herzog, our winners of the "Fit & Fast with Ralf Moeller" Challenge and podium occupants from the last race. Will they be able to catch up from the very back and secure a good starting position?

One thing is certain: the starting position for the second race in the Challenger League is already particularly exciting.

Javier Loro

Racer League

In the Racer League, all eyes are already on Javier Loro. Why? The young Spaniard finished the 2021 season as Challenger League champion and seems unstoppable in the Racer League as well. On the contrary - after overtaking sim racing pro Marc Gassner, Loro drove unstoppably towards victory at the Red Bull Ring. We are now looking forward to thrilling duels and fast overtaking manoeuvres at the Nürburgring.

The fact that it is possible to make up ground in the new knock-out qualifying format was already proven on the first race weekend: Christoph Holstein, for example, drove from position 18 to position 11, and Loris Mistretta secured grid position number 8 - this from position 15.

You want to know where you can watch the next race live? Find all the information below - we look forward to seeing you.

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