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The preview of the 2nd Challenge: Red Bull Ring

The next Challenge will take place on the 26th and 27th of May at the Red Bull Ring. Be there and follow the race live on Youtube and Twitch.

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Red Bull challenger Challenger Livestream

Challenger League | Race 2 | May 26

Red Bull racer Racer Livestream

Racer League | Race 2 | May 27

Red Bull Twitch Livestream

Twitch | Championship

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Preview and new features

Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled showdown at the Red Bull Ring in Challenge 2! Experience an exhilarating Challenge like never before as top finishers from last month's event face a unique twist, starting from the back. These skilled drivers, who recently basked in victory, now confront a formidable test of skill and determination, battling against a grid filled with hungry competitors. The Red Bull Ring, renowned for its sweeping corners and high-speed straights, intensifies the excitement of this challenge. Each turn becomes a battleground, demanding precision and nerves of steel. The breathtaking Austrian landscape and picturesque circuit serve as a captivating backdrop for the clash of champions.

As the race reaches its climax and the chequered flag waves, the burning question remains: Will familiar faces grace the podium, or will tenacious contenders fiercely defend their positions? Anticipation builds as competitors push themselves to their limits, leaving us eagerly awaiting the ultimate victor in this fierce battle. Tune in live on Youtube or Twitch!