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Spaniard wins sim race and 2,500 swiss francs prize money

The 5th Challenge at the Red Bull Ring offered great spectacle. There were many duels in both the Racer and Challenger League, which made for entertaining races. Everything else in the race report.

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Spanish Victory, Spanish Leadership

Simracing at its best! Alejandro Sanchez wins the Spielberg race in the Racer League of Racing Unleashed. With a lead of more than ten seconds, the Spaniard brings home his victory at the Red Bull Ring without a problem and bags 25 points and 2,500 Swiss francs in prize money.

"I knew that the first corner would be very decisive. I succeeded and was able to extend my lead," sums up Spielberg winner Sanchez, who has now also taken over the lead of the Racer League.

Drama in the first corners

The race was particularly turbulent at the start. Sanchez's championship rivals Alvaro Aznar and Michal Smidl clashed. Aznar first hit the grass and then crashed into the Czech's car. While Smidl dropped back to fourth place, Aznar managed to hold on to third place until the end. However, only prematurely. Race control penalised him retrospectively for the collision, so that in the end he tumbled from third to sixth place.

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A series breaks

Smidl was pissed off: "I had a good start, then I was hit by Aznar at the back in turn one and then again in turn three. But it is what it is." Although the Czech benefited from the penalty, he no longer had the opportunity to attack the front. "It is very annoying. We could only do damage limitation," said a frustrated Smidl, who had not only won the last two races but also remained unbeaten last year. Now the unbelievable series of Smidl broke as he didn't become first for the first time since 2019.


Strong performance of Dedic

The laughing third was Dominik Dedic, who secured second place behind Sanchez and takes home 18 points and 1,500 Swiss francs in prize money from the Red Bull Ring. Throughout the race he had to defend himself against the title aspirants Aznar and Smidl. Dedic: "I had former champion Smidl and the leader of the Racer League behind me. But I got it together and managed to hold second place."

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Spanish dominance in the Challenger League

Javier Loro also kept a cool head in his victory in the Challenger League ahead of David Cid and Marcos Valverde. The Challenger League is the second part of the Racing Unleashed Competition. However, the pilots in this class are allowed to use driving aids. Loro extends his lead in the overall standings with the victory. He has already scored 78 points. With 57 points, Valverde is already 21 points behind.

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Munich new in the mix

While most of the Competition pilots sat in the Racing Unleashed simulators in Zurich, Kemptthal and Madrid, the Munich lounge also celebrated its debut in the Challenger League. Two of the 22 pilots took a seat in the cockpit in Munich: Remo Grossenbacher came fifth, Martin Oberholzer 21st.

6th Challenge in Silverstone

The next race for the Racer and Challenger League drivers is on 29 August. Then the sixth of ten competitions will start on the Silverstone circuit. Until then, anyone who wants to drive in one of Racing Unleashed's high-tech simulators can book a ride in one of the lounges.