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Bella Italia - preview of Challenge Nr. 3 in Monza

The next Challenge is just around the corner and will take place on Italian ground. On April 23 and 24, the virtual engines will be roaring in Monza. Find out more about the starting grid and where to watch our livestream on Youtube and Twitch.

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Monza - the temple of speed

The high-speed circuit with a full-throttle share of around 70% promises one thing above all: highly exciting racing action and breathtaking overtaking maneuvers. The highest speeds are reached here, at least in the real Formula 1. In 2005, Kimi Räikkönen raced at an incredible 370.1 km/h on the long straight and still holds the speed record today. This speed is becoming difficult to achieve today - a change in the engine regulations now prevents such speeds from ever being reached again. We have also measured the top speed of our simulators: From around 300 Km/h is, as they say in Italian, finito.

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Change in the lead or catching up?

It's getting exciting in the Challenger League: David Cid is currently on course for success, but Siro Zambra is hot on his heels. The young man from Zurich, one of the winners of the "FIT AND FAST WITH RALF MOELLER" Challenge, finished 5th at the Nürburgring and took 2nd place in the first race. Will the training with the Gladiator be enough to catch up with David Cid?

In the Racer League, Smidl left everyone behind him at the Nürburgring, and drove from third last place in the Knock-out masterfully to first place. It is going to be tight: Smidl in first place and Javier Loro in second place are separated by 15 points - the winner in Monza gets 25 points and so there could be a change in the lead of the standings. But the race is also wide open at the bottom: Number two, Javier Loro and number seven, Christoph Holstein are separated by just 9 points. We can look forward to a gripping race with lots of overtaking maneuvers - because this will be necessary to catch up with Smidl. Will "Tornado" Loro manage to knock him off the tron?

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Race 3 | Monza

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