The new season is just around the corner!

A new series name, a new format, a new car and most importantly, lots of new faces! - Championship 2022 - Beyond the Pinnacle makes its debut on the weekend of 5 March and streams bilingually on Youtube and Twitch for the first time. Find out everything else about the first Challenge at the Red Bull Ring here!

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The new drivers in the Racer League

In a thrilling season finale at the Zurich Airport Circuit, Alejandro Sanchez was crowned champion last year, replacing the serial winner from the two years before - Michal Smidl - who had to settle for second place. Both of them are back again this year to fight for the championship. But it is not only them who are hot for the title. Javier Loro, who dominated the Challenger League in 2021, is a newcomer and currently holds the absolute best time on the Red Bull Ring with the new car. He is joined by Gian Teufen, Fabio Vettiger and Yannick Wonnenberg from the Challenger League. But especially in Munich, a lot has happened in addition. Strong sim racers such as Nicolas Hillebrand, Devin Braune, Marc Gassner, Sebastian Hirsch and Ralf Piringer increase the field of drivers to a total of 24 starters and raise the level even further.

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Separation and new format

Regardless of whether they are taking part for the first time or not - all drivers face a challenge, namely adapting to a new format. The usual qualifying on race day will be replaced by a knock-out race. At the end of each lap, the last two cars will be eliminated and thus determine the respective starting position for the following race. The starting grid for the knock-out race will be in reverse order based on the championship standings. Thus, last year's winner Sanchez will start the Knock-Out at the Red Bull Ring in last place and one of the new drivers on pole position. So there will be plenty of excitement on two days. Starting this season, the Challenger League will take place on Saturday and the Racer League on Sunday. Both races can be followed on Twitch (German) and on Youtube (English).

Simplified qualification process in the Challenger League

Last season, anyone wishing to demonstrate their skills in the Challenger League had to be available for pre-qualifying the day before the Challenge. For this season, the process has been simplified. Because now you can simply register via the form on the website and you are already part of the qualification. To do this, you simply have to go to the desired lounge in the specified time period and make your way through within the lounge. For this weekend's Challenge, drivers had time from 21 February to Thursday 3 March to qualify.