We present: Talking Unleashed - our simracing podcast

The time has come to launch the Racing Unleashed Podcast! In Talking Unleashed you can expect exclusive information, background stories as well as technical insights of Racing Unleashed that you have never heard before. In addition, interviews with our brand ambassadors, drivers, interesting personalities and much more!

Frame 205

The first episodes are online!

Episode 1 (EN): What's new in Racing Unleashed 2022 and the role of Ralf Moeller.

Episode 2 (DE): What is it like to start as a Challenger - 3 drivers from the Red Bull Ring will give exclusive insights.

Episode 3 (DE): Fabian Vettel’s role at Racing Unleashed and insights from our Racer League drivers Marc Gassner and Angelo Michel.

Below you will find all the channels of Talking Unleashed - listen now and enjoy!

Talking Unleashed is available: