Smidl Safecap

Outlook of the season final on December 13

The season finale on 13 December rounds the corner and the racers are already training diligently in our Racing Lounges for their last race of this year. The fact that they only have exactly 3 weeks of training between the last challenge and the season finale makes the whole thing particularly difficult, as we have chosen one of the most difficult tracks for the final: the green hell. Who worries about it the least? Exactly - Michal Smidl.

RU Challenge Race 5 2020 Silverstone Winner Racer League

Smidl, who else?

Czech Michal Smidl of the Varga Sim Racing Team will be satisfied when he looks back on this year's Racing Unleashed Competition. Of 6 races he participated 4 times (he could not attend the other two due to entry regulations) and won all of them with a gap of at least 7 seconds on the second place. In the last race he even pulled away so much that he crossed the finish line more than 20 seconds before the next driver, David L'Addomada. It is also David who is second in the overall ranking with 64 points. With a total difference of 36 points, Smidl has already secured the title of Racer League Champion 2020 in the penultimate race. Whether he will receive his prize in one of our Racing Lounges at the season finale is unclear due to entry regulations.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Winner Challenger League

Devin Isgro about to get the title

Devin, the leader of the Challenger League, can also look back on a successful season. After some starting difficulties and a technical error on his simulator in one race, which caused him to finish it early, Devin scored only 35 points in the first half of the season. But in Spa, Monza and Zandvoort he caught up at full throttle and secured 25 points each with first place. With now 110 points and 17 points ahead of runner-up Philipp Baur, the title as champion already seems to be certain for him. But what would have to happen for Devin to go home without the coveted trophy?

RU Isgro Devin

Scenario 1 - Philipp on place 1, Devin on place 7 or lower

The green hell lives up to its name. On the more than 25km long route there are differences in altitude of up to 300m, up to 17% ascent and 11% descent. Even an experienced pilot can have difficulties here. If Devin does and he falls back in the field to 7th place or even further, Philipp has to take first place to beat Devin with at least one point in the overall standings.

RU Baur Philipp

Scenario 2 - Philipp in 2nd place, Devin out of points

What would happen if Devin even crossed the finish line outside the points? With final 110 points in the overall standings, Philipp (93) needs at least 18 points to overtake Devin by at least one point. That's the number of points you only get if you are first (25) or second (18). So Philipp would have to win at least the silver medal in this race to be crowned Challenger League Champion 2020.

Risk for Devin is small but not zero

As the two scenarios show, the risk of Devin not leaving the lounge as a champion is quite small - but not zero. The Nordschleife is always ready for surprises with its insanely difficult track conditions. So it still could be quite exciting. In any case, we are very excited and can barely wait for the final in 11 days.

Would you also like to follow the race? Unfortunately, due to the current guidelines of the BAG, we are not allowed to welcome guests on the day of the Challenge, so that the maximum number of people and thus the minimum distance can be maintained at all times. As always, however, we will stream the event online via Twitch and YouTube.