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Open doors day, Saturday 24th of October

On Saturday we will celebrate the second birthday of Racing Unleashed in Switzerland in our Racing Lounges in Switzerland. All our lounges (Zurich, Kemptthal and Cham) open from 10am to 8pm and as our gift to you, you can enjoy the ultimate driving pleasure and decide for yourself, how much you want to pay for your ride! Find all information about the event here.


Happy Birthday Racing Unleashed!

On 16 October 2018, Racing Unleashed, then still called Formula V, was founded by Francisco Fernandez, one of the most prominent Swiss entrepreneurs. A few months later, the first Racing Lounge in Cham with 5 simulators was opened and Competition 2019 was launched. A lot has happened since then. We have grown - a lot. From one Racing Lounge in Switzerland we now count 3, plus the first international lounge in Madrid. But that's not all, more will follow soon, very soon! Our Competition is not recognizable either; started with the Racer League, we now also run a Challenger League, in which everyone who feels like it can take part and fight for first place.

Francisco Fernandez' vision at that time was and still is to revolutionise traditional motorsport. The motorsport of the future, with our high-end simulators, should be accessible to everyone. This means that neither lack of skills nor lack of financial means should be an obstacle - everyone should be able to experience the Formula 1 feeling. And that's exactly why you can come by on Saturday, put your foot down, go full throttle and eventually decide for yourself whether you want to pay 2, 5 or 50 francs!

We take Corona seriously!

Corona is not passing us by unnoticed and we are concerned about the current numbers. But we still want to give you the opportunity to have carefree fun.

To ensure that the whole day runs smoothly, we have taken the following measures:

- On arrival we will ask you to register via an app. You will find the QR code at the entrance, scan it, download the app mindful and follow the further steps the app shows. A member of staff will be happy to help you if help is needed. Although Racing Unleashed AG is the owner of this data, we do not have access to it for data protection reasons! So you don't have to worry about it being used for other purposes like your registration. Racing Unleashed will only be given access to this data if the cantonal medical service of the respective canton gives us permission.

- Masks are compulsory in all lounges at all times. You are only allowed to take off your mask for driving. Wait until our staff have installed your steering wheel and fastened your seat belts and put it back on immediately after the ride.

- Keep the minimum distance of 1,5m at all times.

- No more than 15 people are allowed in the lounge at any time. But don't worry, even if you have to wait, you will definitely not get bored. In Cham you will find the "waiting room" in the middle of an exclusive collection of supercars and in Kemptthal you will find an exhibition of old and youngtimers next to the lounge, just waiting to be admired. In all 3 lounges you will be provided with free hot punch outside, so that you won't get cold.

- The duration of the rides is limited to 15 minutes, which means you can choose between an 8 minute ride and a 15 minute ride.

- You want to keep driving after your ride? Then just ride again! You can ride as often as you like. But priority will be given to the people still waiting for their first ride.

- If you have symptoms, please do visit us another time.

- You will find hand sanitizer on-site.

Please respect these rules at all times so that we can all enjoy the day to the full. We are looking forward to your visit!