Jasin Ferati

Jasin Ferati talks about our competition

Almost one month ago our third Challenge took place at the famous Nurburgring. This week we are back with the next round of our Competition 2020 at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Together with Formula 4 driver Jasin Ferati we talked about the past event. By sponsoring Jasin Ferati he is actively involved in our competition with the target to develop digital motorsport more towards real motorsport.

Excluded from the race!

Jasin, you took part in our past challenge as a driver. How did you prepare yourself for it?

I did not have a lot of time to prepare myself to be honest. I had just come back from Italy, where I was testing for the upcoming formula 4 race. After Italy, I went straight to Lyss, where my team is located, to practice in a formula 4 simulator. So, it was not what you would call a great preparation for the Challenge of Racing Unleashed.

Are you able to participate in the race?

No, I’m excluded from competition as I am sponsored by Racing Unleashed. Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun to drive. I became fourth in free practice so I am quite happy.

RU Ferati Jasin

Respect for other drivers!

Is there someone in the field that you see as a good driver?

There are several people participating in this Competition, who are fast. Spontaneously, Julien Apotheloz comes to my mind. He is a very talented driver. He participated for the first time and became second in the race. That is quite impressive.

Are good sim racers also good racing drivers?

No, I do not think so. Driving a simulator is a matter of practice. That is also the case for real racing but there is no courage needed in a simulator to become faster. You can easily try to reach the limit, while in real racing every mistake you do may be fatal in a financial or physical view.

How important is practicing in a simulator for a race weekend?

It is very important. It is one of the best possibilities to practice and is necessary for racing.

Formula 4 Racing Unleashed

Racing Lounge Kemptthal soon.

How do you as a formula 4 driver prepare for a race weekend?

As I said, I practice a lot at my teams’ location but with the opening of the Racing Lounge Kemptthal I will be practicing there more often. Generally, I need to be fit as a racing driver. There is coordination required, a lot of endurance but also, I need to be strong as the G-forces are quite a physical exposure. For that I do cycling, jogging or rowing to improve my physical condition. If you are fit, then you are also more focused during driving.

Will you be present at our next Challenge?

I will try to be present at every Challenge, but I also have a race myself in two weeks. That is why I am not a hundred percent sure if I will be there.

Registration still open!

As a proud partner of Jasin Ferati we wish him the best of luck for his first race and are looking forward to our next Challenge, hopefully also with you! The registration is still open until this Wednesday 22nd of July!