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No champion has yet been crowned in either the Challenger League or the Racer League. This could change this weekend, as there are only two races left to complete. Get ready for the upcoming Challenge with all the information you wanted to know.

Bella Italia

For the third time this season, a Challenge takes place on Italian soil (at least virtually). After Imola and Monza, we are heading to Mugello which is one of the most popular MotoGP circuits. Driving a motorbike circuit with a Formula car sounds pleasant at first. There are no high kerbs to make the car unstable and the turns are rather wide. Full attack should be the motto. But this 5.2 km long track, which is located in Tuscany near Florence, has its challenges. There are no concreted run-off zones and consequently driving errors are bitterly punished. So the drivers face a big challenge to set a fast lap.

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The Challenger League in a nutshell

Madrid has been part of the competition since this year and is pushing hard ever since. In six of the seven Challenger League races, the winner always came from Madrid. Only the Challenge at Silverstone produced a Swiss winner, Jason Bläsig. It was precisely this Challenge that brought back the tension in the race for the overall victory. The current leader in the championship, Javier Loro, only finished 18th and thus did not score any points. His rival in the championship, David Cid, who did not take part in the first Challenge of the season, was able to make up important points with 5th place. With the victory at the last Challenge in Monza, he is now 17 points behind Loro. It will be a Herculean task, because if Loro wins the race in Mugello, Cid will have to finish second, otherwise the championship is going to be decided.

Marcos Valverde is currently in third place. 26 points behind the championship leader are in fact still to be made up, but as he said himself, he is concentrating above all on Cid, who is only 9 points away from him. In 4th place in the championship, we have Gian Teufen as the best Swiss driver. He is 26 points behind 3rd place. 2nd place is still possible for him mathematically, but everything really has to fit together for that.

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Clash of the titans in our Racer League

The defending champion Michal Smidl's chair is wobbling badly. He is 11 points behind the Spaniard Alejandro Sanchez, who is leading the championship. If Sanchez wins this race, Smidl will have to finish at least 4th in order to still reach mathematically first place. The duel for 3rd place is even closer. Vojtech Polesny is currently 9 points ahead of the best Swiss Dominik Dedic. Coque Lopez, who only started in Silverstone and has finished on the podium in every race since then, is also "only" 16 points behind Polesny. We can look forward to excitement right to the end.

Last year's Challenger League champion Devin Isgro is currently still in 10th position, but can he defend himself until the end against an increasingly strong Loris Mistretta and Roger Marte, who are only two and seven points behind?

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The answers may already be given this weekend. So don't miss the decision - live on Sunday on Twitch.