RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza 3

Impressions of the 7th Challenge

A fully packed starting field, lots of overtakings and pure excitement until the finish line. That is the summary of a successful Challenge at the high-speed circuit of Monza. Let us have a look back.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza P2 Racer League Finish 2

Spectacle despite of Corona

Only 8 from originally 15 racers in the Racer League remained for this Challenge. This happened as a consequence of the Corona pandemics as we have a lot of international competitors. The czech team of Varga Racing as well as the winners of the Home Challenge and the German Angelo Michel had to stay at home because of the travel restrictions. But it was by no means boring. Lots of overtakings and penalties ensured that spectators were entertained until the very end. Finally, it was David L'Addomada who took his very first victory. Just behind on P2 was Kevin Hablützel and Ivan Kaufmann became 3rd.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza 1

A successful Challenge

Not only the Racer but also the Challenger League provided for a great spectacle. A fully packed starting field of 30 drivers delivered pure entertainment. Despite the large number of participants the protection concept was implemented 100% by all those involved and created a pleasant atmosphere despite corona regulations. To read more about the race itself make sure to check out the whole race report with a click on the button below.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Winner Challenger League in action
RU Competition
RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza 2
RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Interview-K.Hablützel Racer League
RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza T.Schmid in action, Racer League
Racer League's Mike Danner