RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Racer League Impressions

Review of the year 2020

2020 - a year full of surprises, unexpected challenges and exciting, but also nerve-wracking moments. Corona did not stop at us either and determined our everyday life from march onwards. The virus and the frequently changing restrictions were very demanding. Nevertheless, we were able to achieve a lot this year and lay the foundation for an even more successful 2021. Shortly before the end of the year, we look back.

A season as exciting as the Sakhir Grand Prix

If the Racing Unleashed Competition 2020 were a Formula 1 Grand Prix, it would be the Sakhir Grand Prix of 6 December this year. Eventful, insanely exciting and full of surprises. New challenges shaped us and the competition this year and, like Russel in the Mercedes, we had to prove our adaptability from one day to the next. The frequently changing restrictions repeatedly turned things upside down, but we didn't let it get us down either. Many things could not be carried out as planned. The first two challenges took place during the lockdown as Home Challenges. Most of the challenges that could be held on site were unfortunately not open to guests. But despite these and other restrictions, things went well under the circumstances - until the last Challenge, the season finale. While a flat tyre put an end to Russel's triumphant march, new measures did the same for us. For the good of all, we had to give in to an early end of the season and sadly cancel the final.

RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring Winner Racer League

The Hamilton of the Racer League

Someone was not quite bothered by the cancellation of the season finale and that was Michal Smidl, the Racer League Champion. Like Hamilton in Sakhir, Smidl had to forfeit two Challenges due to Corona. The Czech Varga Sim Racing Team was unable to enter Switzerland due to the entry regulations at the time and was therefore forced to follow the Challenges from home. But Smidl was not impressed by this and showed absolute brilliant performances in the races in which he was able to participate. He crossed the finish line ahead of his pursuers with gaps of up to double-digit seconds. He secured the championship title in the second last race with a lead of 36 points. Conclusion: Hamilton and Smidl - a perfect comparison.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Challenger League Impressions 2

A fighting spirit like that of Sergio Perez

After an unsuccessful start, Sergio Perez fought his way to the top in the Sakhir Grand Prix and took the win. Devin Isgro, the champion of this year's Challenger League, did the same. After a 5th place in the first race, he fought his way to the front and from then on only finished the races in first place - and he did not let himself take this position in the overall standings in the course of the season. But all the other riders did not lack a "Checo-class" fighting spirit either. They provided us with numerous, intense duels, daring, gripping manoeuvres, real emotions in virtual motorsport and, and this is the most important thing for us at Racing Unleashed, insane support - for which we would like to thank them once again!

Not enough?

Want to know more about this year's season? Then watch the season review stream from 21 December.

So many highlights despite difficult circumstances

In addition to the Racing Unleashed Competition, we also had a few highlights this year. First and foremost - new Racing Lounges! Racing Unleashed is growing and already has several more simulators than last year. In spring, the first Racing Lounge abroad opened its doors - four simulators now adorn the capital of Spain. A few months later, in August, the eagerly awaited Racing Lounge Kemptthal was opened. With 10 simulators, this lounge is our largest to date. In December, the first Racing Lounge in the franchise project followed. The Fun Bowl Stockmatt leisure centre in Affoltern am Albis renovated its upper floor to make room for four simulators. So we already count a total of five Racing Lounges in Switzerland and abroad - but that's not enough. Soon the first Racing Lounge will open in Germany and another one will follow very soon in Switzerland. Maybe there will soon be some simulators close to you?

Our new Racing Lounges

RU Madrid 1

Racing Lounge Madrid

Four simulators in the middle of the Spanish capital Madrid - our first international Racing Unleashed Lounge!

Racing Lounge Kemptthal 2

Racing Lounge Kemptthal

Ten simulators surrounded by a first-class car exhibition - lets the heart of every car enthusiast beat faster!

Interior Racing Lounge Affoltern

Racing Lounge Affoltern am Albis

Four simulators next to bowling alleys, pit-pat and much more - the ideal place to let off steam!

Outlook 2021

Even if we start the new year with closed lounges, we won't let ourselves get down. Racing Unleashed only knows full throttle - and that's exactly how we will start the new year together with you. We are looking forward to many new racing lounges in the new year, to a season that will be just as or even more nerve-racking and to new features that will make the driving experience in our simulators even more exciting.

Any information about Racing Unleashed Competition 2021 will soon be published on our website.