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Racing Unleashed Launches "Beyond the Pinnacle 2023" Sim Racing Championship

Racing Unleashed, the leading provider of state-of-the-art sim racing experiences, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated sim racing championship, "Beyond the Pinnacle 2023." This championship promises to be one of the most exciting and competitive racing series in the world of sim racing, offering a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and immersive gameplay.

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Silverstone Challenger Race 1

Challenger League | Race 1 | April 28

Silverstone Racer Race 1

Racer League | Race 1 | April 29

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Twitch | Championship


Preview and new features

Get ready for the most exciting sim racing championship of the year, Beyond the Pinnacle 2023! The Championship will feature virtual high performance cars that offer the ultimate driving experience. Drivers from all over the world will push their limits on different tracks and locations in the most challenging and exciting races.

This year we have some new features! For example, this year's car was developed and tuned by ourselves. In addition, there is a new push-to-pass feature, this means an electric boost for five seconds, which the drivers are allowed to use five times in the race - so thrilling overtaking maneuvers are pre-programmed! Last but not least, the focus will be on hard but fair racing: So there are new penalty points according to a penalty catalog, and from a certain number you will be banned for the knock-out or even for the race.

With live broadcasts and expert commentary, you can follow your favorite drivers and experience the race in real time. So buckle up, check out the race calendar below and set yourself a reminder. Best of all, subscribe to our Youtube and Twitch channel right now to always be there for the live broadcasts. We are looking forward to seeing you!