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Challenge of the 27th of September

Ready to rumble! It is time for our next Challenge on the legendary race track of Spa-Francorchamps. Be a part of it and support our racers on site or through our stream. One thing is for sure, that there will be a new winner for this race in our Racer League. Find further information in the following article.

X Farbe Spa

Spa - Francorchamps in three Lounges

First there was Cham, then Zurich and last Challenge we added our biggest Racing Lounge so far in Kemptthal. This time and until the end of the season it will stay like that. That means, that the number of racers competing in the final race will remain the same. 9 in Kemptthal, 4 in Cham and 3 in Zurich will fight for points and price money on one of the most exciting racetracks in the world. 24 racers in the Challenger League and 13 racers in the Racer League will show their skills and hopefully entertain you throughout the day.

Triple Podium Varga Racing


The Czech domination of Varga Racing comes provisionally to an unexpected end. Due to the addition of Czech Republic to the Corona list Smidl and his compatriots have to stay at home and because of that, are not able to compete in our next Challenge. As Michal Smidl won every race this year, it is already sure, that there will be a new winner this sunday. Who is it going to be? Quite a strong pace was recently shown by Dustin Wüest and he will definitely try to maintain that pace to get his first victory. But the field is very close together, so there will be a lot of action and emotion. Don't miss it!

Pure entertainment

As usual, there is going to be a stream to watch so you will not miss any race action. The same three hosts as last time will guide you through the day and keep you entertained between and during the sessions. In case you have some questions during the day let them know in the stream chat on Youtube or Twitch. All of them are very much looking forward to this event.

I have absolutely no idea, who is going to win. Hopefully we will see an entertaining race.

- Nico Rindlisbacher

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