Besnik Murtezi

Besnik Murtezi – Family man and sim racer

After the first portrait about Dustin Wüest, we want to present to you our next racer. Besnik Murtezi answers questions about sim racing and motorsport. In the second part of our portrait series we would like to know what the daily routine of Besnik looks like next to sim racing and what he likes best about this unique sport.

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Once again the internet

Besnik Murtezi is 36 years old and is from Birr in the canton of Argovia. The family man works in machine construction at the company General Electric. As a production worker he operates and maintains machines for ceramical and metallic coating of shovels from gasturbines.

Sim racing is more of a hobby for him. However, he works hard to improve his performance. Similar to Dustin, Besnik has found the access to sim racing through the internet.

«I have seen the facebook ad regarding the Competition. After one week of thinking back and forth, I went to Cham to try the simulator and I was thrilled!»

- Besnik Murtezi

Besnik Murtezi

Family first

Other than that, Besnik does not have a lot of experience in sim racing. He mainly played Gran Turismo or the F1 Videogame of Codemasters at home. After signing up for our Competition last year he stepped up his training and shows very good performances on a regular basis in the Racer League.

Whenever possible, he practises in our Racing Lounge up to eight hours a week. Apart from that he is equipped with Assetto Corsa at home and exercises from there. But the family man does not always find time to prepare well:

«Sometimes I do not practice for two weeks as I am a dad of two kids and I want to spend my free time with my family whenever I can.»

Real motorsport experience?

To stay fit, Besnik is at the gym three times a week. He also used to be part of a football team but shift work made things complicated. Therefore, he stopped playing football. Apart from karting sometimes, Besnik does not have real motorsport experience but he is a very passionate Formula 1 supporter. Since 1994 he watches almost every Formula 1 race. He is currently losing his interest in watching it, as Mercedes is dominating too much. Like a lot of fans, he hopes for a change in Formula 1 to make it more exciting to watch.

He especially likes esports because of the lower expenses and that it can act as a launching pad into real racing.

“Like that we are able to race for a much cheaper budget and who knows, some people might be offered great opportunities in real motorsport.”

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The Simulator

Regarding the simulators of Racing Unleashed, Besnik is very happy with the motion system and the simulated g-forces. But he would want to change the setup of the car as he would prefer more grip in the curves than highspeed on the straights.

A third place in Silverstone in last years competition was Besnik’s best result so far. So, the conditions are perfect for him as the next challenge will take place in Silverstone on August 23rd. We are happy to have Besnik in our starting field and wish him good luck for the rest of the season.