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Finally, the time has come and we are pleased to announce that the engines of our racing cars will roar for the season finale and also in the future on Swiss soil - at least virtually.

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The Zurich Airport Circuit

Until four days before the season finale, the racers did not know which track would await them for this sunday. Now it is official. The last Challenge of the 2021 competition will be held on the grounds of Zurich Airport. A unique track that has never been seen before. With a length of 7.6 km, it is even longer than Spa and demands everything from our racers. Who will be crowned champion this weekend and, above all, who will be the very first race winner at Zurich Airport? The answer will be live on Twitch on Sunday.

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Design by Racing Unleashed

It was just under a year ago when the racetrack at the airport became a topic for the first time. Due to the relocation of the Racing Lounge Zurich to the Circle, the topic of racing at the airport also came up. Joking quickly turned into a serious project and led to the first virtual racetrack being located at one of the most renowned airports in the world. With a lap time of just over 1:50, maximum concentration is required to avoid making any mistakes on the 7.6 km long circuit. The track is characterised by long straights but also technical passages. Fast bends, chicanes and also slow bends make the track a challenge, but one that offers an enormous amount of fun. Driving around the Circle at over 300 km/h? That is now suddenly possible.

Accessible for all from Monday

The high-speed track, which will experience its first endurance test on Sunday, will be used intensively by the racers in the few days beforehand to get the maximum training effect out of it. For this reason, the track will not be available for normal lounge operation until Monday 13 December. We thank you for your understanding.