Michal Smidl

Smidl takes second win in a row

Michal Smidl wins the second event of Racing Unleashed on the virtual race track of Spielberg. In the Challenger classification Devin Isgro prevailed.

RU Challenge Race 4 Smidl Polesny double victory

Second race, second victory

Michal Smidl is the fastest man in the Racer League of Racing Unleashed. The Czech was already unbeatable on the virtual Nürburgring, now he repeated the perfect weekend on the virtual Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

With a lap time of 1:05.066 minutes, he took pole position and after 25 laps, he finally gained more than five seconds ahead of his first chaser. Just like at the Nürburgring, he was followed by his Czech compatriot Vojtech Polesny. Chase Polesny admits:

"I tried to hunt him down. But he was just too fast. I couldn't keep up."

RU Challenge Race 4 2020 Red Bull Ring P3 Racer League

Dustin Wüest (Switzerland) on third place

"In free practice, I didn't really get into it. But from the middle of qualifying, things suddenly got going," revealed Wüest. "I was not quite happy with my lap times, I could have gone even faster. But I think that even then, it wouldn't have been enough for the two up front."

Smidl will receive prize money of 2500 Swiss francs for the victory, and with 50 points now clearly leads the standings ahead of Polesny (36).

RU Challenge Race 4 2020 Red Bull Ring Impressions

Multi Lounges

For the first time, the event on Sunday was no longer held in one place, but in two different Racing Lounges with Cham and Zurich. In qualifying, the drivers had to fight off the competition inside the lounges because only eight of the twelve drivers in Cham and only three of four drivers in Zurich were able to qualify for the race.

Devin Isgro wins in the Challenger League

The Challenger League, the beginners' league of Racing Unleashed, was also turbulent. Here the drivers can enjoy a simpler vehicle setting. Although they also have to change gears with manual rocker switches, they can still make use of driving aids such as ABS and traction control. This also means that the sim racers can accelerate more aggressively without the car becoming unstable.

But that doesn't mean it's easy - as spins and collisions during practice sessions, qualifying and the final race proved. Man of the race was Devin Isgro (Switzerland). He took pole position in qualifying with a lap time of 1:05.5 minutes and then led the race during all 25 laps. Towards the end his lead shrank to about one second, but Angelo Michel (Germany) could not put any more attack on Isgro.

"I found three tenths of a second in practice yesterday that helped me to be faster than everyone else today. I'm very happy."

- Devin Isigro

Michel Angelo's conclusion

"I am very happy with the second place, because I didn't make it to the lounge before due to time constraints and therefore I could only start training today. I was able to keep up with the leader in terms of pace throughout the race, but wasn't fast enough to attack."

Devin Isgro

Devin Isgro now leads the Challenger League

Devin Isgro, who can look forward to prize money of 300 Swiss francs, now also leads the Challenger classification table, scoring 35 points. Kevin Aebi, who completed the podium in third place, is second in the championship with 30 points. "I was less excited at the second start than at the first start. After the crash on the first lap I was third and drove my laps quite lonely. I'm happy with third place."

Tina Hausmann


The secret star of the race was Tina Hausmann (Switzerland), the only woman in the field. She was involved in several duels and cut a good figure while defending. So she was able to regain positions several times with counterattacks. In the end she scored four points in eighth place.

One of the most spectacular scenes was an accident on the start lap with three cars.

The next race will take place on August 23, when the racers will race on the virtual Silverstone. Then there will also be a race in Kemptthal and thus in a third lounge.