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Spring Event 3

Event 3 marks the final spring event of 2024. Due to the positive reception of our previous simulator-to-real-race-car transition, we're offering it again.

Here's what you need to know before the event starts.

Driving formel four 1200w min


Spring Event 3 will feature two races, one for each league. Each league comprises 20 drivers: the Racer League and the Challenger League. Racer League drivers will compete in F1 cars, while Challenger League drivers will race in F3 cars.

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Race Format

Challenger League

10min Qualifying

30min Race

Racer League

10min Qualifying

40min Race

1200w0h min


Drivers ranked within the top 10 of the Racer League 2023 are granted automatic qualification for this event. However, all other drivers must set a single-player lap time by the end of business on Friday, May 24, 2024, to secure their spots. Pre-qualification begins on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Track: Road America

In contrast to the exclusive Racer League, any driver aspiring to join the Challenger League can participate by securing a top 20 position in the pre-qualification phase, contingent upon simulator availability in their respective lounges. Kindly note that qualification necessitates visiting a Racing Unleashed lounge.


The top 3 drivers of each league will receive driving experiences at the Red Bull Ring. The exact prizes will be announced at a later stage on our social media channels. Make sure to follow us and stay tuned!


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