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The coronavirus does not leave Racing Unleashed without a trace. The Czech drivers Michal Smidl and Vojtech Polesny, who have so far dominated the Racer League, also had to skip the race on the track in Monza due to the Corona regulations. The first pursuer Dustin Wüest is also no longer at the start because he is now an employee of the Racing Unleashed company and as such is no longer authorized to compete. So it was clear: There would be a new winner in Monza.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza P2 Racer League

Exciting Race

At the start, there were many skirmishes and collisions in the tight chicanes. Pole setter Loris Mistretta (Italy) was also affected. Beneficiary of it all: Kevin Hablützel (Switzerland), who took the lead.

Despite the relatively small starting field of eight drivers, the race was extremely exciting. Many duels, collisions and, as a result, many time penalties show how aggressively the drivers launched the start.

With four laps to go, Hablützel lost the lead to David L’Addomada (Switzerland). The winner is happy: “That is unbelievable. I was just trying to be fair. That was physically and mentally demanding. ”In fact, he was also one of the few drivers who did not receive a penalty.

L’Addomada now has 46 points in the table. Michal Smidl continues to lead with 75 points ahead of Dustin Wüest 56 and Vojtech Polesny 51. Ivan Kaufmann, who was third today, is fourth with 47 points. There are 5,000 Swiss francs for the title.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza Winner Challenger League

Mass crash in the Challenger League

In the Challenger League - here certain driving aids such as ABS are switched on - there was a new three-way battle between Devin Isgro (Switzerland), Philip Baur (Germany) and Kevin Aebi (Switzerland). In the race, Isgro was almost sure to win after the first corner because there was a pile-up behind him. This means that the Swiss is now the sole leader in the table and now has 85 points.

“The start was critical. When I saw in the rearview mirror that the cars were standing all over the place, I was initially happy and then concentrated on driving fast laps, but keeping everything under control. "

Devin Isgro on his 7th Challenger League victory

Baur and Aebi

Behind them, the Swiss Kevin Aebi crossed the finish line, but was only classified in third place due to a five-second penalty after ignoring the track limits. The German Philip Baur profited and finished second. In the championship he is now seven points behind Isgro and five points ahead of Aebi.

8. Challenge - Zandvoort

On November 22nd, the next race will take place on the virtual track in Zandvoort. Register now and secure your place in your desired lounge!