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We continue to grow! With the opening of another Racing Lounge, we are now represented at seven locations. This time, we are not expanding into a new country, but into a new language region.

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Bonjour à tous

We are talking about Western Switzerland, or more precisely Yverdon, where French is predominantly spoken. As part of the EXPLORiT science city, the Racing Lounge Yverdon is equipped with 5 simulators and is located on the first floor of the Exploria congress centre. After Affoltern a. A., this is another franchisee to open a Racing Lounge under our brand. The Racing Lounge offers more than enough space. Anyone wishing to hold an event could accommodate up to 250 people in the entire space.



The "EXPLORiT" is a small miniature city open 7 days a week. Retail shops, restaurants, health and wellness facilities as well as event facilities offer a lot of entertainment. The goal of advancing modern technology by using it to entertain visitors is exactly why our Racing Lounge is also there.

Yverdon Auto

Soon a part of our Challenge?

With the exception of the Racing Lounge in Affoltern a. A., all previous lounges are part of our Competition. So the question is whether Yverdon will soon also be seen at the Challenge. It is certain that in such a case the halo colour, which is the distinguishing feature of the respective lounge, would be white. This year, however, they will probably not be joining us with three races to go. For next season, however, it is planned that drivers from the Racing Lounge Yverdon will be able to take part in the Challenge. We are looking forward to the talents from French-speaking Switzerland!