Dustin Wueest

Entering the world of esports through Google

Dustin Wüest is a participant of the Racer League of Racing Unleashed. He has already achieved to results there. How does the everyday life of a sim-racer look like and what is the reason to start with sim-racing? Get to know our racers, starting with Dustin Wüest.

Many-sided engaged!

Even though the world of esports is growing massively, not everyone is doing sim racing as a profession. Dustin Wüest works as a project leader of the Digital Society Initiative, where he mainly teaches doctorands of every field of study digital and interdisciplinary skills. Dustin himself studied information systems and after his PhD graduation he started working as a course assistant and now as a project leader.

So, there is a lot of technical know-how but also the talent for sim racing seems to be there. Repeatedly, he showed everyone that he can fight for the top spots. His best result so far is a second place in Barcelona last year. A remarkable performance regarding the fact that he has no experience in motorsport, neither has he raced for a long time in sim racing.

“In 2019 I spontaneously had the idea to google if there are any sim racing challenges in Switzerland.”

RU Challenge Race 3 2020 Nürburgring P8 Racer League

In front since the beginning!

Before that, Dustin only tried racing simulators at exhibitions where he already proved to be one of the quickest compared to the others. When he finally tried our simulators at the Racing Lounge Cham, he immediately wanted to compete against others.

When Dustin was younger, he now and then played racing games like “Need for Speed”. Generally, gaming is an activity that he likes to do next to his job and sim racing.

“Actually, I wanted to dabble as a game developer but I do not have the time next to all the other things I have to do.”

Dustin Wueest

Preperation is key!

He owns a Youtube channel with a friend, where he can live his passion for gaming. “BeSaGaN” is the name of the channel, where Dustin mostly plays retro games.

Good performances do not appear just like that. There is a lot of training required. Dustin visits our Racing Lounge twice a week, where he drives three to four sessions. This makes a total of seven to eight hours per week. With the high-end quality of our simulators that is like a workout. When we asked Dustin what he liked especially about our simulators, he confirmed this with his answer:

“That the cockpit and steering wheel is identical to the F1-cars, that they move and that the belts simulate the g-forces. Combined with the force feedback the visit at the gym is replaced by simulator driving.”

Fascination Motorsport!

After the race is before the race, what means that preparation is key. Dustin tries to improve by visiting our Racing Lounge on a regular base. Partly he films his laps to analyse where to gain time. It is quite interesting that Dustin is not into motorsport. He likes the fight for best lap times but he does not think about how the future of motorsport should develop.

We from Racing Unleashed are not perfect and always seeking for new ways to develop our technology. Dustin would like to have more all-round visibility but the engineer himself is very happy with the performance of our simulators.

“The feeling in the car is very good and makes you want more.”

We wish Dustin a lot of success and are looking forward to the next Challenge at the 26th of July.