Racing Unleashed Cham 1

The end of the season comes earlier than expected

This is not how we imagined the season finale. Due to the stricter Covid 19 safety measures, we are unfortunately unable to hold the final challenge of the Racing Unleashed Competition 2020 as planned. We have therefore decided not to hold the season finale, we also do not postpone it but hereby end the season early.

However, this also means that the current overall ranking now applies and we can therefore already announce the champions of this year's competition!

RU Challenge Race 5 2020 Silverstone Winner Racer League

Congratulations to Michal Smidl!

He dominated the Racer League through the whole year already: the Czech Michal Smidl. He crossed the finish line up to 20 seconds ahead of the runners-up. Although the Czech could not participate due to the corona-related entry regulations, he already secured the overall victory in the second-last race in Zandvoort with a lead of 36 points. We would like to congratulate Michal Smidl on this achievement and are delighted to name him the "Racer League Champion 2020"!

David L'Addomada (CH) took the silver medal in the overall ranking, followed by Dustin Wüest (CH) in third place.

The Top 3 of the Racer League

RU Laddomada Dave

2nd Place

Dave L'Addomada

RU Smidl Michael

Racer League Champion 2020

Michal Smidl

Dustin Wueest

3rd Place

Dustin Wüest

RU Challenge Race 5 2020 Silverstone Challenger League

Devin Isgro is and remains at the top of the Challenger League

Isgro had to worry a bit more about the title of champion. His season did not go as smoothly as Smidl's. He started the season with a 5th place in the first race and had to retire early in the third race at Silverstone due to a technical defect. But Isgro continued to fight and finished first three times in a row. Now, he is 17 points ahead of the German Philipp Baur. On Sunday, he would have had to fight for the championship title and the last points on the Nordschleife one last time. But now he can also feel safe and we are very happy to officially declare him the "Challenger League Champion 2020" - congratulations!

Philipp Baur (DE) takes second place on the podium behind Isgro and Kevin Aebi (CH) occupies the last place on the podium.

The Top 3 of the Challenger League

RU Baur Philipp

2nd Place

Philipp Baur

RU Isgro Devin

Challenger League Champion 2020

Devin Isgro

RU Aebi Kevin

3rd Place

Kevin Aebi

An award ceremony in times of Corona

Despite the current situation, we do not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate and thank the winners and all participants of the Competition 2020! They have fought for every point this season and thus shown us wheel-to-wheel action of the highest quality with countless, intense duels and an insane amount of emotion. We want to celebrate this in a fitting manner, which is why we will be streaming a virtual award ceremony via Twitch on Monday, the 21st of December from 6pm - 8pm! Together, we will look back on an extraordinary season, show the sporting highlights of the racers as well as the new features that we had the pleasure of welcoming this season and virtually crown the winners. The whole thing can be followed via Twitch and YouTube.

The preparations for the Competition 2021 are already running on full speed

We, the Racing Unleashed Team, are already in the middle of the preparations for the Competition 2021. The race calendar and all details will be communicated at the beginning of 2021. Stay tuned!