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Revolutionising motorsport

Sustainable, safe and equal opportunity for all - how we want to revolutionise motorsport. Read the full interview with Monisha Kaltenborn on Watson now.

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Formula 1 simulator: equal opportunities for all participants

Sitting in a Formula 1 car and racing around the circuit in Monza, Imola or Spa. For many motorsport fans, this is a dream that is unlikely to come true. But at least digitally it is possible in our F1 simulators.

Because the simulators are based on a uniform model, Kaltenborn sees equal opportunities here. All participants in a Challenge, therefore have the same potential in the simulator. "The driving skills are therefore in the foreground," she states.

For Kaltenborn, digital racing should not completely replace analogue racing. She sees both types of motorsport as important, complementing each other and shows how it has already come so far in some cases: "Max Verstappen or Lando Norris are good examples of drivers who can switch between the virtual and analogue worlds," she tells watson.

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