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Single Rides

Vorlage Pricing ohne text

8 Minute Ride

CHF 20

Feel the speed for the first time and test your abilities on the racetrack!

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15 Minute Ride

CHF 30

Get quicker and try to master your first few corners!

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30 Minute Ride

CHF 50

Challenge yourself and try to beat the lap you've set before!


X Farbe Zandvoort

Raceday Package

CHF 100

3x30 min Rides, One-day validity

Get the full program during your stay: Warm-up, Qualifying, Race.

X Farbe Red Bull Ring

Grand Prix Package

CHF 300

10x30 min Rides, Two months validity

Train hard, come often and step up your game to beat the other Racers.

X Farbe Silverstone

Season Package

CHF 500

20x30 Rides, One-year validity

Get the full season without a membership but with twenty single rides.



Silver Membership

Annually billed: CHF 1'400


You get:

20 free rides/month
50% discount on additional single rides
20% discount on group rides
National Lounge access
Early booking


Gold Membership

Annually billed: CHF 2'000


You get:

Unlimited free rides
20% discount on group rides
Global Lounge Access
Super early booking
1h booking available
Free Entry to Competition


Bronze Membership

Annually billed: CHF 1'000


You get:

10 free rides/month
20% discount on additional single rides
National Lounge Access
Standard booking

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